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Rules of Discipline

All students are required to ensure the following bylaws:
  1. Class attendance in the session is not less than 75% to appear in the final exam. If presence found less than 75%, the student will be debarred from appearing in the annual examination.

  2. No leave/s of any kind will be granted without the guardian's recommendation letter and without proper reason.

  3. The school shall not provide more than three days of leaves together. Leaves for any special reason exceeding three days will be granted only when the written reasons are produced in the school office. Failure to do so, re-admission will only be the way to re-entre in the classroom.

  4. It is the duty of every student to enter the school in neat and clean dress. And maintain the discipline and etiquette in school and classroom both. No students will be allowed to keep any uncivilized way of hairstyles.

  5. Language among students and with teachers, English language will the first priority of every student. Not doing so, you may be charged for paying decided fines.

  6. You have to enter in the school premises according to the school given Uniform-Code. Strict action will be taken if found disdaining the uniform-code.

  7. All the boys are required to ensure that they do not wear any kind of metal made jewellery. If found so, will be confiscated by school.

  8. It is also mandatory for the girls to ensure that they also refrain from wearing any kind of unnecessary and precious metal jewelries etc. Students will themselves accountable for disappearance of such costly things.

  9. Students are instructed not to bring any kind of unwanted literature and electronic gadgets like; Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, I-pod, Costly Watches etc. in the school campus. If found so, the goods will be confiscated.

  10. The loss of any property of the school by the student will be recovered by the student only. All the students are expected that they will wholly follow the instructions that are given by the school in regular intervals.

*Note:* Disciplinary actions can also be taken by school against any indecent behavior of the student or the guardian as well. Your behavior will be your introduction!

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