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Principal Message

My personal view for education is that an educated society is wholly capable of facing every difficult facet of human life. Educated generation has such a power that even it can change the direst situations of our globe. Whatever we do, our destiny will move in a positive direction if we do it with full sincerity and dedication. The developed form of today's world what we see, has been created out of positivity in the true sense.All the top institutions which are working as educational guides, work under their own foundational boosting goals.

Our Institution, Shri Guru Ram Rai Mission too starkly believes in its motto, "Work is Worship". Education is such a capital that everyone needs to have it with all means. But there are still such remote areas in our country where it is still a challenge to prepare talents in the national interest. In order to fill this gulf; we, the Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission are determined to connect them with the mainstream education. Therefore, for the last two decades this divine work has been entrusted to us by the Mission through Shri Guru Ram Rai Public School, Karnprayag.

With the blessings of Shri Mahant Devendra Das Ji Maharaj, it is continuously moving forward by imbibing its motto, with giving priority to co-education in English language.

It is the result of this that today we are successful in preparing our students in all crucial fields. Today, the passed out students from our school are serving their state and country with full devotion in the fields of medical science, medicine, science & technology, defence, information-technology, accounting, sports including successful business persons and so forth.

Our teaching staffs are excellent who take full advantage of their Educational Training to advance the all round development of the students for making them intellectually, mentally and physically strong to face the difficult tasks of their lifes with ease. All our teachers are the sources of positive energy. I feel proud that every year their tireless efforts are giving 100% visible successes in the Academic Achievements. We believe on our each student every day! Due to which we are always successful in improving their previous academic inaccuracies.

We are proud to be the teachers of our promising students! We are proud that the respected parents of the students being mentored by us have trusted us, and entrusted us with the godlike task of guiding their children for their futures. Thank You!



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